Chino Communications key business value driver lies in our ability to strategically engage, plan and execute 360 communications strategies, tailor-made to encompass all aspects of clients’ business.
Each work assignment is viewed as a new opportunity to progress the clients’ business plan – and our insights in terms of the actual work execution is profound.
No work is ever replicated which means that from the creative conceptualisation through to the medium choice, exceptional care is taken to deliver engaging, new age work which is relevant, cost-effective and measurable. From Generation X to Z.
We remain curious to extend and deliver on the brief beyond expectations. To do so curiously and to leave no stone unturned in the process.
A team approach
We are a dynamic virtual agency: each partner offers unique skills and talent sets. Our personality traits are best described as: smart, sassy, energetic, vibrant. In essence: big thinkers
And these characteristics are the DNA of our online business, design and event production teams too.
Proof is in the pudding .... so to speak
Driving an automotive account to achieve a top 5 ranking position in South Africa bears testimony of a solid and seamless business partnership with the client. The success achieved was based on engaging less traditional forms of communication and moving forward to new age thinking. Interactive direct marketing campaigns, customer workshops (digital & on-line communications), multi-media conferencing, niche product launches, events, training manuals & video material, international marketing (multi-media) and corporate marketing (multi-media) .... tip of the iceberg stuff.